The Gift of Words

I love words.  I’ve been known to sit down and just read a dictionary.  When you think about it, words really are amazing.  A word can be powerful.  Put a powerful word in a sentence and it can make or break a person.  I love words that make me feel good and I love seeing them in print and I love to share. 

If you know me at all, you already know my propensity to write ‘happy’ or ‘feel good’ words here.  I want everyone to enjoy them as much as I do so today I’m going to share some of my inspiration with you in hopes that maybe you’ll feel moved to share, too. is an awesome site and the idea behind it is brilliant.  Make up little cards of hope with words or quotes or sayings that feel good and then share them.  And if you’re feeling really brave, photograph what you’ve done with those little cards and post them in the Hope Revo Flickr group.  Take a look and you’ll find some of my photos there, too. 

Kind over Matter is another beautiful site that focuses only on words of kindness and doing kind things.  If you don’t feel like making your own little cards, they have a freebie page where you can choose from different, free downloadable cards for you to print out and share.  They also have a Flickr group for you to post photos of your ‘card drops’ and yes, I have photos there, too…in case you were wondering…!

Don’t feel like making your own?  You can purchase some great little cards, too.  I already talked about my new ‘i love you’ cards that I purchased last week.  Heidi Geldhauser, founder and creator of these cards, will even print them in different languages for you!  All you have to do is ask. 

Another great source is Cleansing  A cool thing about these? They’re for your shower! 


The little kit includes 5 colorful affirmation cards (multiple affirmations on each card), removable wall attachment and step-by-step instructions-all tucked in a silky sheer drawstring bag. Rotate these water-resistant inspirational cards as often as you choose!  You can also leave them in a little dish or tuck them somewhere for someone to find.  And yes, I bought them, use them and love them!

Over at Etsy is The Love Shop, a shop of beautiful, hand-made prints of feel-good words.  They’re gorgeous and I want them! 

I love the idea behind all of these.  With the way our world is today it seems more and more people are in need of something kind and good.  If I can make someone smile, even just for a moment, then that’s a good thing.  Even better?  My kids have jumped on the band wagon with me, from  leaving Starbuck’s cards for unsuspecting people  in honor of my brother to writing words of encouragment on the sidewalk at an elementary school. 

Feeling inspired? I hope so!  If you decide to make or purchase any little notes or cards and share them, tell me!  If you photograph what you do, share that with me, too.  And more importantly, feel good and enjoy it.  You deserve it!



2 Responses to “The Gift of Words”

  1. Krystyn (HOPErevo) Says:

    Thank you so much for the mention. I’m a fan of Kind Over Matter too! Need to check out these other links too.

    p.s. Nominate @hoperevo for Most Inspiring to Follow! ( if you tweet, use the #openwebawards hashtag!) 

    • Samira Says:

      Well, one of the best ideas I ever heard is to put them in some water and freeze them in the frzeeer. That way, they don’t fit in your wallet, so you can’t take them shopping. If there is a TRUE emergency (like your car breaks down and you have to fix it so you can get to work for example) you can melt the ice and use your card. It just makes it so it isn’t so handy for all those impulse purchases and I have known several people who have managed to pay off their credit cards this way.As far as needing the information to cancel them, when you call in, they pretty much just need to be able to ask you identifying questions in order to make sure they are cancelling for the right person.If you are really serious about it and you don’t want these cards anymore, but just need to pay them off, then you should call up the companies and ask them if you can just cancel your account so that it is disabled and you can’t use it anymore you just want to make the payments and pay it off. You might be able to make some kind of arrangements that way.Also, if you have more than one and they are at different interest rates, the best way to pay them off is to make the minimum payment on all of the ones except the highest interest rate one. Then choose a certain amount that you will pay on that one each month that is more than the minimum. Then when it is paid off, use that same amount of money PLUS the amount you have been paying on the second one to continue to pay off the second one and so on and so on until they are all paid off.Good luck. It is a good thing to rid yourself of credit card debt. It can really get you into a mess that is hard to get out of. You will feel so great when you get it all paid off just don’t go out and celebrate by charging something again! lol

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