Best Shot Monday – Celebrating Family

 My Xbox playin’, iTouch totin’ 13 yr. old son came to me and asked if we could make gingerbread men.  Once I closed my slack-jawed mouth and stopped staring at him like he was an alien invading my son’s body, I told him we could if he agreed that I could photograph it.  I was sure he would say no.  Since he’s become an official teenager, my camera does nothing but irritate him now and I’m not allowed to take his picture, but he agreed.  And the reason you see his picture here on my blog was because he agreed to that, too! 

The night was definitely full of surprises and you know what? We had a great time.  I don’t know who had more flour on them: my sons, myself or my camera!  What a great way to ring in the holiday season.  Oh, and Tracey? Please don’t be mad, but my holiday card photo has been shot, edited and printed.  Yep, cards are done, my friend! 

Stop by Tracey’s for more of Best Shot Monday…and to find out why she might be mad at me….!


14 Responses to “Best Shot Monday – Celebrating Family”

  1. Puna Says:

    Our kids are always surprising us! How wonderful. Here from SS.

  2. gnubee Says:

    my soon to be eleven year old is the same way, but I’ve got cookie baking listed as one of our Christmas countdown activities. I’d like to chuck that xbox btw – how ’bout you? this is the kind of stuff they’ll remember long after the video game phase has faded away.

  3. killlashandra Says:

    What a great surpise! It’s always nice when the kids decide on their own to spend some quality family time with you rather than the TV. 😉 I always feel that way when my 4 year old decides that reading a story is more fun than watching CARS for the hundredth time. LOL

  4. megan Says:

    ooh, how fun! holiday cookies are the best…especially when your kids want to make them with you :).

  5. Ms. Knit-It-All Says:

    Love the shots – and the story. What a sweet surprise.

  6. J. Says:


  7. shirley Says:

    Surprises indeed! Those are the best. Great pictures and wonderful story.

  8. camerashymomma Says:

    oh how wonderful!!

    and i love love love your blog header 🙂

  9. ocean lotus Says:

    i love it – love that the teenage boy came and asked you…surprises like that you can take all day long right?

  10. phyllis Says:

    gorgeous – and made even better by being allowed to:-)

  11. Cara Says:

    I love the photos! I think it is so much fun to bake with kids. I can not tell you how jealous I am that you are done your Holiday Card,, good for you!

  12. Nancy Says:

    Gingerbread cookies are my favorite, how did you know?

    Great post!

  13. david - living in the tree house Says:

    God bless you and your wonderful family, Chris

  14. jeroldssis Says:

    Thank you, David…

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