Things That Make Me Happy


1.) Getting a shot of my son and his BFF without them knowing.  Friday’s at recess the school brings out the sound system and plays music for the kids to dance to.  Owen always says he’s not interested but on this day, I caught him!

2.) An Eggnog Latte from Starbucks.  Simply divine!

3.)  Hot Chocolate on a stick!  How ingenius is that? And you can make it yourself.  What a great gift idea!

4.) Speaking of gifts, and I’m still shopping, check out these Mommy Calling cards/Business cards.  Custom made for you and come in a cute little tin.  I am SO getting these!

5.) This awesome, handmade affirmation mobile.  I want this, too.  Hmmm…I wonder how many Christmas gifts I’m allowed to buy for myself?!

6.) These perfect vinyl chalkboard decals.  I want them on the wall above my desk for all my ramblings!

7.) Actually, anything from Off the Wall Expressions, the website that sells the chalkboard decals.  They’ve got some pretty cool stuff for your walls.

8.)  If I had my dream office/creative space, I would most definitely paint a wall with this water-based, dry erase wall paint.  Imagine having a whole wall to scribble your ideas on or to write messages on for all to see?  Right now they have a “Lil’ Bit” kit that will cover a 3 sq. ft. area for $15, usually $29.95.  It can be applied to anything you can paint – drywall, plaster, chalkboard, whiteboard, tables, bikes, garden gnomes, small ceramic cats. Just prep and prime the surface before you start.  It will be as smooth as the surface you paint.

9.) This gorgeous 4×4 hand painted canvas by my girl Anne Carmack, an incredible artist, writer and photographer.  I can picture this sitting right on my desk where I could look at it everyday!

10.) And finally, this Eskimo proverb: May you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp and peace in your heart. 

What makes you happy? Do share!


4 Responses to “Things That Make Me Happy”

  1. J. Says:

    YOU make me happy 🙂
    and hot chocolate on a stick! but omg that is way too complicated for my puny baking skills.

  2. bright and blithe Says:

    Aren’t these the best sort of moments to capture? Priceless.

  3. david - living in the tree house Says:

    snail mail
    on the way

  4. steiderstudios Says:

    You & your blog make me happy! Seriously, I love your humor & content! I think you can buy as many gifts for yourself as you want. If you have your son or hubby hide them so you can discover them one at a time as you stumble across them in your day to day routine, it won’t seem as large a splurge. Plus with each discovery you’ll have that happy feeling of treating yourself because you deserve it!!

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