Best Shot Monday – A Mind Full of Words.

Though I’ve not posted to my blog that much lately, it doesn’t mean I haven’t wanted to.  Many times I’ve sat down in front of my computer with what seems like a million words in my head but I just can’t get them out.  A lot of changes are occuring in my life right now.  The dynamics have changed and it’s an adjustment.   That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a new thing and that’s okay.  What perfect timing then (Karma maybe?) that Tracey Clark, along with a group of spectacular women, has started the I Am Enough self-kindness callaborative.   Self-kindness is always a good thing and something that I need to be better at(don’t we all?).  I can’t take care of others if I’m not taking care of myself, right? So self-kindness, here I come! 

It’s nice when I hear someone tell me that what I do matters, and I do hear it(thanks to my wonderful hubby and fantastic friends) but how about an awesome little t-shirt that says the same thing?  They’re only $10 and the money goes to Haitian relief.  As Tracey says, ‘it’s a give/get kind of thing’.

Finally, if you’re wanting to start a little self-kindness, head over to Kind Over Matter where you can download and print a free gorgeous little spring affirmation gift set as well as a printable little box to make that will hold them all.   What a great way to start off spring, don’t you think?! 

Speaking of spring, Tracey is giving away 3 complimentary registrations for Picture Spring, a 30-day guided e-class that will encourage and inspire you to use photography to celebrate the season of new beginnings while honoring and nourishing your creative spirit.  You have until 3/23 at midnight to enter, so be sure to get your name in.  And remember, be kind to yourself today.  You deserve it!

Head over to Tracey’s to see more of Best Shot Monday.


4 Responses to “Best Shot Monday – A Mind Full of Words.”

  1. Amy Jo Says:

    What a beautiful flower. What is it?

  2. Cara Says:

    Beautiful shot. I am so excited Spring is here, and Tracey’s class will start soon.

  3. LIs Says:

    yes, what is that flower? Such a perfect image of Spring … fresh green and buds of possibility …

  4. traceyclark Says:

    i can’t tell you how much i love this shot. to me, it looks like someone made it with felt and fabric. it’s amazing.

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