One by One, They Came.


Three, maybe four days at the most.

This is what we learned from hospice today.  A week or two, I thought, but now only 3 or 4 days and Lucy will be gone?  The reality of that and the fact that my mother and I would be dealing with this alone was overwhelming.  How am I supposed to keep it together for my mom when all I want to do is curl up in a ball somewhere and cry like a baby?

Lucy is lucid at times and when she is she asks where her grandkids are.  She names each one of them, one by one.  Are they coming?, she asks.  Maybe this weekend I tell her.  It’s the middle of the week and they live quite a distance away.  I wasn’t about to ask them to come now.  But then, my cousin called.  She was coming.  And then, another cousin called and he was coming, too and two hours later Lucy’s room was filled with all of her grandkids, great-grandkids and even great-great-grandkids.  There was a lot of tears and hugs and though Lucy wasn’t completely lucid all of the time, she knew.  She is so weak, you can barely hear her when she speaks.  You have to put you ear to her lips to hear her:  I’m so happy.  I’m so happy.  I have all my kids.  I can go now.

It was bittersweet but such a beautiful gift.  Tomorrow we’ll all be back and will continue to be there until the end.  It’s the least we can do for her and I am honored to do so.  She is happy now, and that’s all that matters.


6 Responses to “One by One, They Came.”

  1. Jen Says:

    Ah man. Be strong Chris. I wish there were something I could do for you. I’m here if you want to talk or just sit and not talk.

  2. ~annie Says:

    Thank You for sharing Chris. What a gift you and your family have been given. My heart goes out to you all at this hard time but don’t worry you will get through this with your 3 men by your side and your Mom. I always like to remember that we are not given more than we can handle. Your pictures are wonderful. Keep snapping away Chris.

    Much love,
    ~annie & family

  3. tammy Says:

    This is always so hard but she is leaving on her terms and she will be with you always. HUGS

  4. J. Says:

    Oh Chris.
    Love and many, many hugs to your and yours.

  5. steiderstudios Says:


  6. dave and diane Says:

    briane and jill, we wish you both and family the most love and prayers.we know it will be hard to let go and to feel the loss when that day comes. but know the trip that grandma will have of such beauty and joy that GOD will give her will be unbelievable. she will be a young and beautiful pain free woman and live like never before with all her family beside her. what joy she will have.if there is anything you all need PLEASE let us know love dave and diane

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