Starting Anew

Hello friends.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been here and I’ve missed you so!  Blogging had to be put on hold while I dealt with family issues, illnesses and the death of my sweet Grandma Lucy, but school’s out, the husband has recuperated and returned to work and more importantly, it’s summertime!  Oh, how I do love the summer.  Summer always reenergizes me. I’m ready for it.  More importantly, I need it.

The Mondo Beyondo Dream Lab started today.  Have you joined?  What a perfect place to go where you will explore ways to rest, play and and the power of kindness.  That sounds like a great summer activity to me!

What doesn’t go better together than summer and a camera?  Join me over at Big Picture Scrapbooking for Picture Summer with Tracey Clark.  Picture Summer is a 30-day photography project (and you know how I love photo projects!) intended to encourage and inspire you to celebrate the season of sun and fun by playfully engaging your creative spirit.  I’m definitely looking forward to this and hope that you’ll join me!

And finally, who doesn’t love new babies and hearing about fatherhood from a new dad?  MessageWith a Bottle is a blog from a dad who leaves post-it notes around his office about life as a new dad.  It will defintely make you smile and maybe even laugh out loud.  So on that note, enjoy your summer and go make a great day!


One Response to “Starting Anew”

  1. red or gray Says:

    lovely image of blooming .. so sorry for your loss

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