Let the Fun Begin!

I’m seriously excited about the upcoming week!  For the 3rd year in a row I’ll be doing the ‘Back-to-School Sidewalk Chalk Art’.  The first year was just myself, my son, his friend and his friend’s mom doing our ‘chalk art’.  Last year I let some people know and told them to bring a few friends and we had a great turnout.  This year, I’m expecting even more kids and parents and I just know it’s going to be awesome! 

Second, my camera and I get to go back to school and see all ‘my’ kids again!  I’ve missed their smiling faces and their hugs, too.  My camera and I are going to be loving every minute I get to spend there and I have no doubt that I will be there a lot…and that’s a good thing.

I also have a couple of  “Guerilla Goodness” projects in the works for next week as well.  I can’t really say what it is yet, but I can give you a little sneak peak.  The first project involves this awesome book,

 and these tags filled out by some of the school kids.

The second, super fun project has to do with this,

and school supplies.

The best part is that “Guerilla Goodness” seems to be catching on because I’m not doing these alone.  Yep, it was bound to happen: Kindness is Catching.  How awesome is that?! 

Stay tuned!  More to follow very soon!


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